Toll-Free (888) 936-3740 Energy Saving Solutions for Your Home and Business!
                                                 Toll-Free (888) 936-3740                              Energy Saving Solutions for Your Home and Business!                                  

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Think GREEN?

Take a look at our sustainable eco-friendly building supplies and find out how "going green" can help the environment and assure you long-term savings.

Pavers & Roofing Divisions

Ask about our Concrete & Roofing Solutions.  We use the highest quality materials and our installations are completed using skilled craftmanship.  

Any questions?

Drop by our location or contact us by email. We look forward to your visit!

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EnerG Shield - What we do

EnerG Shield’s mission is to improve people’s lives by creating a safe, comfortable, energy efficient environment, thus lowering utility costs and protecting the environment with unequaled green products and superior service.
 - Our one-stop energy store starts with a 16-point energy audit
- We provide reliable energy-saving products & services that substantially lower energy costs

Our Roofing Team designs, quotes and installs your perfect roof.  Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure your roof is efficient and long lasting.

Our Concrete Division will design and create your driveway, patio, pool area and pathways. Stamped, Broom/Salt Finish, Salt/Pepper, Brown Pea.  You pick we do the rest.


Save Money and Energy!

The EnerG Shield high-performance reflective insulation is designed and engineered to block 97% of the sun’s radiant heat away from your home (or business). Your air conditioning system and, furnace will work more efficiently and cost effectively – saving energy, the environment, and money.
The high-performance reflective insulation can be used for new construction or retrofit with roofing systems, with radiant heat flooring, underneath the home, in basements or crawl spaces, in the attic, or on the rafters underneath the roof.

Ask for a complimentary consumer energy audit, profile, and consultation.

  • We do things the right way, the best way, the way we’ll be proud of and you’ll be happy with!
  • We have completed work at many homes and commercial spaces throughout the area. You can feel assured and confident trusting us with your projects. We will take care of your needs, promptly, professionally, and to your satisfaction.
  • Our experience and quality work will impress you.
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